Home Healthcare & Counseling Services in North Carolina

Progressive Home Healthcare & Counseling has offices in Raleigh, Clinton, Clayton, and we provide services in Cumberland, Duplin, Durham, Harnett, Wayne, Wake, Wilson, Johnston and Sampson County.

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Substance Abuse & Behavioral Counseling

Progressive Counseling Services offer weekly therapy sessions for individuals who with substance abuse problems, whether it be with prescription medications, alcohol, or illegal substances. If your ready to make a significant change in your life, then we’re here to help. We can even assist people in finding education, training, and stable employment.

We also have a team of Addiction Specialist who are equipped to provide 24 hour emergency services for you or a loved-one in a time of need. individuals ready to make significant changes in their lives.

Other Types of Counseling Services

We also offer general counseling services for a variety of behavioral problems & learning disabilities.

Progressive Counseling Services treatments include but are not limited to:

  • Substance Abuse Recovery & Relapse Prevention
  • Learning Disabilities & Functioning in a Mainstream Educational Environment
  • Behavioral Management & Maintaining Appropriate Role Functioning within Family & Community Settings
  • Social Skills Development
  • Adaptive Skills Training
  • Communication Development
  • Problem Solving Training
  • Anger Management

How will you and your family cope with the hardships of a medical condition or disability? You don't have to do it alone...
At Progressive Home Healthcare & Counseling, "We believe in Moving Forward with a Positive Change"